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Historical-naturalistic itinerary

"The garden coast of the Terre del Cerrano"


Atri is a small medieval pearl, city of art of ancient origin, which looks down on the sea, protected behind it by the Gran Sasso. The visit will wind through the historic center, where historic monuments and palaces, fortifications, churches, museums, suggestive views form a splendid historical architectural mosaic. The subject of visit and study will be the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the medieval Church of S. Nicola, the Palazzo Acquaviva, the Palazzo Mambelli, the Bishop’s Palace and the Seminary, the nineteenth-century Municipal Theater inspired by the Scala di Milano and the remains of the fortifications of the cities whose most imposing example is the San Domenico gate.

Before entering the city you will cross the naturalistic oasis of the Calanchi di Atri, natural formations, born from the millennial erosion of the clay soil, which form small canyons giving the landscape a unique and suggestive profile. The area is Regional Natural Reserve and WWF Oasis. The interior of the protected area is characterized by a very varied environment: cliffs, ponds, small woods, cultivated fields alternate continuously, forming a palette of iridescent colors. Finally, the mystery that surrounds the so-called “Pietra di San Paolo“, the thaumaturgical monolith kept inside a small chapel that legend has it that the stone on which it was, also contributes to giving further charm to the places. beheaded Paolo di Tarso in 67 AD.


(Visit to the protected marine area of the Cerrano oasis and to the internal museum of the Tower)

Between heaven and earth a body of water where to protect the precious resources of the sea. The marine area of ​​the Torre del Cerrano is located in Abruzzo, the “green region of Europe” with over 30% of the protected territory. In the Teramo stretch, between two Municipalities, Pineto and Silvi, the marine area delimits seven kilometers of coast and completes a program of protection and enhancement of the environment by joining the network of underwater oases that have allowed, in these years, the safeguarding, restocking and study of the marine ecosystem. In the name, actually a toponym, “Torre del Cerrano“, the symbols of the history and identity of this territory: Cerrano, the stream that descends from the hills of Atri – where the splendid gullies are located, another protected area – and flows into the marina of Silvi, and the Tower, built in 1568 by the Spanish, a bulwark against Saracen pirates.

The completely restored fort overlooks the dunes and is home to an exhibition of the Pescara sea museum, two kilometers from the center of Pineto. The tower owes its name to the stream of the same name that descends from the hills of Atri, whose mouth is located 500 meters south of the tower. According to historians Strabone and Sorricchio, it was the site of the ancient port of Atri and a stopover for ships loaded with cereals from Puglia and Sicily. Its construction, as we see it today, in its basal part, dates back to 1568 by the Spanish kingdom of Naples, under Alfonzo Salazar, even if the works were carried out on the ruins of an older tower already restored in 1287. The upper and lateral parts of the Tower are a more recent addition, made in the last century by the families who used it before, in 1983, it became heritage of the Province of Teramo. Today the tower houses the Museum of the Sea, the Info-point of the Marine Protected Area and the International Veterinary Training Center of the IZS.


In Propezzano di Morro d’Oro (TE) (a stone’s throw from the ancient Benedictine Abbey) there is the Giardino Officinale of aromatic, medicinal and essence plants. The visit to this open-air laboratory allows you to have a unique, immersive and engaging experience to get to know, through guided tours, herbs and medicinal plants. A journey from the spontaneous flora of Mediterranean perennial species to that of cultivated species of significant varieties (also from different geographical areas) to rediscover and re-evaluate what they represented in the peasant culture (and that of the Mediterranean people throughout its history) from food to folk medicine, but also official.

Emphasizing the importance of environmental protection, we will know the multiple properties of natural substances used as flavoring, preservatives, medicines, insecticides and pesticides.
A fascinating and instructive journey to better understand the value of natural resources and the richness of an eco-sustainable agriculture.

Group guided tours (at least 10 people) available from March to September include:

  • Guided tour in the Botanical Garden to the knowledge, live, of Officinal Herbs and their food and curative use.
  • Practical-sensorial experience aimed at discovering aromas and natural aromas "of ancient flavor", belonging to the peasant and Mediterranean civilization.
  • Tasting of aromatic drinks
  • Practical test of distillation of an essential oil from an aromatic plant.


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