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Tourist packages and itineraries in Abruzzo

Excursions, routes, itineraries also customizable

The Petite Fleur Hotel offers its welcome guests a package of excursions to discover the naturalistic, artistic, cultural and gastronomic beauties of our BEAUTIFUL ABRUZZO.

The suggested itineraries wind from the sea to the hills, to the mountains, which form the background by looking towards the West, to the historic villages that dot our territory, enriching it with centuries-old traditions and events that in some cases have marked the history of Italy.

The itineraries include, upon request, the accompaniment of expert guides and the availability of buses and minibuses for travel, offering itself as an ideal and engaging experience in particular for SMALL GROUPS. In the event of a request from a smaller number, it is possible to resort to private vehicles to be agreed with the guides.

In some cases, the visiting experiences are further enriched by tastings of gastronomic products and local wines, as well as by lunches in typical local restaurants or farmhouses. In the excursions that involve walking routes surrounded by nature, travel baskets will be set up, but always with typical and characteristic products of the area.

We invite you to discover Abruzzo through our thematic packages. Itineraries and stay combinations can be modified and reworked as needed and/or liking by agreeing with the Hotel Petite Fleur.

Discovering Abruzzo

Numerous itineraries and places to visit

Tourist information

Lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and by the long silvery ribbon of its beaches, Abruzzo offers you everything you can expect from a holiday that turns off stress and rekindles enthusiasm: its one hundred and thirty kilometers of coastline with suggestive sandy beaches they melt, as if by magic, with the gentle green hills of the hinterland and then become majestic and imposing peaks like those of the Gran Sasso.

In fact, Abruzzo is also called the “Green Region of Italy” for its natural parks and its numerous reserves where you can still admire splendid and rare specimens such as the bear, the chamois, the wolf and the golden eagle.

The medieval villages perched on the hills, the necropolises scattered in the landscape, the cities of art and the castles will make your holiday even more suggestive, without forgetting the sport and the healthy fun of the seaside resorts. Come and discover Abruzzo “strong and gentle”, the region with a rich range of proposals to spend unrepeatable holidays!

Weekly summer excursions
Excursions are organized to the following destinations: Gran Sasso, Abruzzo National Park, Civitella del Tronto (Bourbon Fortress), Castelli (famous for its ceramics), S.Gabriele dell’Addolorata sanctuary, Campli (Scala Santa), Monti della Laga.


Food and wine
Visit to the local cellars, with the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines during dinners based on typical Abruzzo products.


Civitella del Tronto

The fortress of Civitella del Tronto is one of the most impressive military engineering works in Italy: in fact, it extends for more than five hundred meters in length on a rocky ridge. All its bright history is linked to the strategic position it has had, for a few centuries, as a stronghold to guard the northern borders of the various Neapolitan realms. The fortress and the connected village suffered multiple sieges but what has gone down in history is the unfortunate defense sustained against the Sardinian Piedmontese army in 1860/61, which ended with the surrender on 20 March 1861, the last Bourbon stronghold to bend to the nascent unity Italy.


Campli is rich in architectural monuments that make it a real city of art. It is also home to a section of the National Archaeological Museum which houses the remains of the Campovalano Necropolis. The Scala Santa is famous, so called because, after 1776, the custom of granting indulgence to those who walked on its knees spread.


The city of Teramo has very ancient origins, which date back to Roman times. During this era the theater, the amphitheater, the thermal baths and other monuments were built today buried by the new city.

Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno is a city in the Marche region with a great artistic and architectural heritage. Every year, in summer, the Quintana takes place, an event consisting mainly of two medieval knightly tournaments. The city is also famous for the Ascoli olive, a typical dish of the area.

Gran Sasso National Park

Abruzzo preserves one of the largest and most valuable protected areas in Europe, the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. Here the millennial work of man has harmoniously integrated into a superb environmental context, further enriching it. A nature rich in forests, springs, waterfalls, prairies, plateaus, dizzying ridges and rocky walls where numerous species of fauna and flora exclusive to this area live, in addition to the most representative animals of the Apennines such as the wolf, the chamois of Abruzzo, the bear, the golden eagle or the short-toed eagle. The territory of the park is in fact a "European monument to biodiversity".

San Gabriele

Located in the territory of the municipality of Isola del Gran Sasso, the sanctuary of San Gabriele, patron of Abruzzo, is a very popular religious destination on various occasions throughout the year. The ancient part of the sanctuary dates back to 1908 and is built in neoclassical style, while the modern part is made in a contemporary style. In the old sanctuary, in addition to the saint's sepulcher, whose remains are kept in a bronze urn, you can visit the Sala dei Doni and a collection of memorabilia from the life of the saint.

Madonna dello Splendore

On April 22, 1557 a farmer while collecting the wood, saw the Virgin Mary surrounded by a great light and the sanctuary dedicated to her was built right there. The Madonna as proof of the miracle at the base of an olive tree caused a source of pure water to flow, which still exists today. Whoever passes through the village can visit the source of the miracle and bathe himself by marking his forehead, so he will be blessed by the Madonna.


Atri was a city of great prestige in the ancient world, since the 11th and 12th centuries BC. It was the only city on the Adriatic coast to coin money before Rome, as well as an important trading center, thanks to its port on the Adriatic, hence the thesis that the name of the same sea derives from ancient Hatria. In Roman times he fought alongside Rome in the wars against Hannibal. The city experienced its heyday with the Dukes of Acquaviva. The glorious past of Atri is evidenced by the archaeological finds scattered throughout the surrounding area.

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