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Tourist packages and itineraries in Abruzzo

Excursions, routes, itineraries also customizable

The Petite Fleur Hotel offers its welcome guests a package of excursions to discover the naturalistic, artistic, cultural and gastronomic beauties of our BEAUTIFUL ABRUZZO.

The suggested itineraries wind from the sea to the hills, to the mountains, which form the background by looking towards the West, to the historic villages that dot our territory, enriching it with centuries-old traditions and events that in some cases have marked the history of Italy.

The itineraries include, upon request, the accompaniment of expert guides and the availability of buses and minibuses for travel, offering itself as an ideal and engaging experience in particular for SMALL GROUPS. In the event of a request from a smaller number, it is possible to resort to private vehicles to be agreed with the guides.

In some cases, the visiting experiences are further enriched by tastings of gastronomic products and local wines, as well as by lunches in typical local restaurants or farmhouses. In the excursions that involve walking routes surrounded by nature, travel baskets will be set up, but always with typical and characteristic products of the area.

We invite you to discover Abruzzo through our thematic packages. Itineraries and stay combinations can be modified and reworked as needed and/or liking by agreeing with the Hotel Petite Fleur.

Discover our wonderful itineraries


Weekend to discover the places of spirit and art in northern Abruzzo organized in two route proposals.

Food and Wine

Weekend of wine tasting and typical food and wine specialties of Abruzzo and the Adriatic coast.


Weekend of excursions with local guides to discover nature trails, typical products and places of historical / cultural interest.


Weekend to discover the historical and artistic beauties of the villages and cities of art in the area.


Weekend with visit to important points of historical and naturalistic interest starting from Terre del Cerrano.


Weekend of excursions along the paths and natural itineraries with a view of the characteristic Abruzzo landscapes.