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Family hotel

Hotel for Families and Children

Spending a holiday at the Petite Fleur is like being with the family

Our best ambition is to make you happy. The family management of the structure, passionate and attentive, guarantees a peaceful and always full of care. Only in this way can a family feel happy on vacation.

Sober and bright rooms, large rooms, with all comforts, furnished in a classic and bright style.

Alba Adriatica is the ideal place for families

The beachfront location of the Hotel allows families with children to reach the beach easily and quickly, located in front of our structure.

The beach of Alba Adriatica, already awarded the green flag of Pediatricians, is ideal for enjoying all the beneficial properties of a marine stay. From the first light of dawn, with the reflections of the first morning sun, you can breathe a healthy air, walk on the shoreline together with the whole family, with all the comforts of our structure, located one step away from the sea.

Your hotel directly on the sea

The Petite Fleur hotel, overlooking the promenade of Alba Adriatica invites you to long walks, or for bike lovers a relaxing ride on the cycle path, which crosses the lush pine forest of Alba Adriatica.

Leisure for children and adults
A short distance from our hotel you can visit the Bambinopoli of Alba Adriatica. A green park with children’s games, directly on the sea. In the evening, on the other hand, you can have fun browsing the typical stalls or discover the place that’s right for you, enjoying an excellent ice cream, just so you can fully enjoy your holiday in Alba Adriatica.